I’m a journalist, producer and storyteller currently based in San Francisco with AJ+, the digital branch of Al Jazeera Media Network. I have an MA in cultural and political anthropology, speak five languages and aspire to master the art of public interest muckraking.

My work has appeared in The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, The Nation Magazine, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Radio France InternationalThe Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette, Haiti Liberte, Briar Patch Magazine, The Dominion Magazine, The Media Co-op, among othersI’ve also worked for Frontline PBS, Reuters TV, BBC and Rolling Stones.

I spent over a year in post-earthquake Haiti, investigating post-earthquake aid gone wrong, tent camp evictions, problematic peacekeeping, photo-op philanthropists, disaster capitalists, corrupt elections, the cholera epidemic, the paramilitaries, the return from exile of former dictator and ousted leaders, and other stories from carnivals to junkyards to the mansions in the hills.

I also occasionally sells paintings and drawings.


I. Doucet CV 2015

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  1. Alison at ·


    Just want to say how IMPRESSED Elliot and I are with your blog, your photos, your articles, and what you are doing with your life. Your father would have been VERY proud. So keep going, stay safe, and when you need respite from it all, please come see us in Abercorn. We have a little guest room in the trees waiting for you.

    XX Alison

  2. Stephen Shearman at ·

    Hey – nice to meet you last night – sorry I couldn’t help with your flat tyre! At least a pleasure to get to know you a little and share part of your journey home.


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