AJ+ – Why It’s Hard For Americans To Get Hitched

  Looking to get hitched? Well hurry up! The latest Pew analysis of census data shows that marriage is on the decline across the United States.

AJ+ – Real Estate Lawyer On San Francisco’s Housing Crisis

The dizzying cost of rent and the spike in no-fault evictions is the talk of the town in San Francisco. Real-estate lawyer Daniel Bornstein specializes in helping landlords evict tenants. AJ+ asks him why there’s a housing crisis and who’s…

AJ+ – A Timeline On Ferguson Since The Michael Brown Shooting

Two months after the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, the town of Ferguson, Missouri, is still awaiting a grand-jury decision on whether police officer Darren Wilson will face murder charges. The shooting sparked weeks of protests and hundreds of…

AJ+ – Two Women, One Vote: What You Need To Know About Brazil’s Elections

It’s not often you see two women squaring up to each other in a presidential election. In fact, it never happens. But this year in Brazil it’s different. Incumbent Dilma Rousseff is facing off against the Socialist Party’s Marina Silva….

AJ+ – The Biggest Climate Change Offenders

A study published in the journal Climatic Change pinpoints who’s responsible for the cumulative global emissions of carbon dioxide and methane since the industrial age. Alarmingly, half of the estimated emissions were produced in just the past 25 years. Sources:…