Beats from the Indigenous Resurgence

Beats from the Indigenous Resurgence

Meet A Tribe Called Red: The powwow dubstep DJs whose beats are the soundtrack to an indigenous resurgence:  

NOLA Motorbike Queens

Pink smoke, mohawks and stilettos. Meet the Caramel Curves MotorcycleClub, the women’s biker club rocking New Orleans:  

Kids Acknowledge Native Land

Every morning, students in Canada’s largest school system pay respect to indigenous land and people before singing O Canada. Hope the acknowledgement spreads:

Muralist Mona Caron Paints Giant Weeds

Artist Mona Caron paints epic murals of weeds on buildings around the world.

Dominicans of Haitian descent find themselves stateless

Under the premise of cracking down on undocumented migrants, the Dominican Republic canceled birth certificates – even those as far back as 1929 – belonging to Dominicans of Haitian descent. Some 250,000 people, many who have never even visited Haiti…